Mr. Ogo Sow, Co-founder & CEO, WATR
Ogo Sow, affectionately known as “Mr. Africa”, is a Senegalese national from Kaolack. In 1985, Ogo moved to the U.S. to launch the first African-owned community radio station focusing on issues facing the Africa Diaspora living in the U.S., as well as those at home. Currently, he is the host of (Africavision), the first African talk show in the U.S. His show is a leader in online media and entertainment, especially amongst the African Diaspora community. His broadcasts are conducted in English, French, and Wolof. Ogo is a dedicated member and advocate for the Africa Travel Association (ATA), where he serves on the International Board of Directors and is a key advisor on Diaspora Affairs.

Mrs. Sokhna Fatou Sy, Co-founder & President, WATR
Sokhna Fatou Sy has over ten years working in international business and West African tourism development, with a specialty in Destination Senegal. She is also an active member of African Women in Tourism and the Senegal Chapter of the Africa Travel Association (ATA). Sokhna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management from the Lycee Charles de Gaulle. She was born in Saint-Louis, Senegal, and she currently resides in Dakar with her husband and family.

Thinking Forward Media, Communications Partner
Thinking Forward is a boutique communications agency specializing in marketing, PR, and production focused on tourism and international development. We are a team of business experts, media specialists, and entrepreneurs who approach communications with a commitment to making campaigns resonate and a social responsibility knowing that an effective campaign translates to economic development for our clients both at home and abroad. With over 20 years of combined experience, we have a shared passion in telling stories about the natural beauty and rich cultures of the developing world.

To learn more about Thinking Forward Media, visit:

West Africa Discovery, Communications Partner        West Africa Discovery is a web portal that raises awareness towards West Africa and promotes responsible tourism through the listing of tours, accommodation, and volunteer projects that fulfill the criteria outlined in the Cape Town, Kerala and Belize Declarations. West Africa Discovery offers a selection of carefully picked holiday ideas that offer unique and unforgettable experiences and allow you to discover Africa in a totally new way. They will put you in direct contact with companies that organize the holiday and guarantee that part of the fees will go to support local community development in the chosen destination. All tours are selected because they respect the local cultural, social, historical and natural heritages.

To learn more about West Africa Discovery, visit:

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