WATR will provide 12 hours of original programming each day dedicated to news, culture, and educational topics. Below is a sample of shows that will light up WATR airwaves. We will work in partnership with our sponsors and respective government bodies to develop additional programming. WATR will remain on the air 24 hours a day, with key programs repeating with some airtime dedicated to highlighting the most revered and up-and-coming West African musicians.

Open Sky Africa (Sponsored by: South African Airways)
+ Go to show for all things air travel in West Africa
+ Sponsored by air carriers servicing West Africa markets
+ Information on new routes, new airlines, upgrades, and investments
+ Interviews with airline executives and operators
+ Tips for air travel to other countries

Our Africa, Our Heritage
+ Discussions with the Diaspora
+ Cultural heritage preservation and regeneration
+ Interviews with leading artists and West African musicians
+ Live streaming of music and cultural events
+ Promotion of events, festivals, and conferences highlighting traditional West African culture

What’s Cooking, West Africa?
+ Slow food movement
+ Organic ingredients and healthy cuisine
+ Interviews with West African chefs and restaurant owners
+ Intricacies of West African cuisine
+ Promotion of restaurant and food-related events
+ Street-scene eating


Everyone’s Business: Tourism Training & Capacity-building
+ Dedicated to educate, train, and inspire members of the hospitality and tourism profession
+ Discussion forum for hospitality and tourism educators and students to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues, trends, conservation, and sustainability

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